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Storage Guide: Reusable Content: Citation Help

Contains resources for reusing and sharing throughout our LibGuides site.

Citation and Documentation Styles

Trevecca has three prilmary citation styles students should apply when writing research papers.  These styles are discipline specific. For specific tutorials and resources by citation style view the Documentation LibGuide.

APA (American Psychological Association) Style
  • Graduate Education
  • Undergraduate Education
  • Graduate Psychology
  • Undergraduate Psychology

 MLA (Modern Language Association) Style

  • Christian Ministry
  • MHR program
  • Undergraduate Humanities (English, Communication)
Chicago or Turabian Style
  • Graduate Religion
  • Undergraduate Religion

If your major or program of study is not on the list above, check with your professor to see what citation style is preferred.

Creating your own Flow account

After you start the video, click the TV screen icon, bottom right side, to expand to full screen. [3min 08sec]

Other Citation Tools on the Web

Diana Hacker's Research and Documentation Online provides guidelines and annotated lists of print and online resources for documenting sources in a variety of different fields.  If you have the book The Writer's Reference, this is the online companion.

Indiana University Writing Center & Libraries created quick guides for APA, Chicago, and MLA citation styles.

OWL [Online Writing Lab] at Purdue provides information on citation styles and documentation as well as research tips, grammar and mechanics and teaching writing.

Long Island University's Schwartz Library has color coded citation guides for APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian documentation styles.  

APA guide MLA guide, Chicago guide and Turabian

The Writing Center from University of Wisconsin Madison provides guides to the major styles.

APA Style, Chicago/Turabian Style and PDF Guide; MLA style

Create your personal research library with Flow

Flow is an online research/citation management tool that allows you to collect, store, and manage information into your own personal research library.  Find out more from the Flow Research Guide!

Accessing Flow:

  • Click here to access Flow to create your new account or log in
  • If you are setting up your Flow account from off-campus an access code is needed to authenticate you are a Trevecca user.
  • Contact Waggoner library at 615-248-1570 or for the access code.

An option:  Register your new account through the internet browsers within the Trevecca Network via Citrix to provide authentication without the access code.

Re: A Note about Internet Browsers:

The Favorites bar [in IE] or the Bookmarks bar [in Firefox] must be viewable in order to take full advantage of Flow's features. Be sure they are enabled before you create your account.

Re: If you are already using a citation management product, how do you get your existing references into Flow?

If you are an EndNote, RefWorks, Zotero, ReadCube, Papers or Mendeley user, you can import existing resources from there into Flow.  Details on how import from other services can be found here

Learn more from the Flow Research Guide

What is a Citation?