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FLOW: Welcome

Information about FLOW, your personal research library and citation management database. Creating an account, exporting citations, sharing content, and creating a bibliography are primary features of Flow.

Creating your Flow Account

There are two types of Flow accounts available:
  • A free account with up to 2 GB of document storage, unlimited references and the ability to share with up to 10 collaborators per collection is available to all faculty, students and  researchers affiliated with an academic institution.
  • An institutional account is available to anyone at a subscribing institution and includes 10 GB of document storage, unlimited sharing inside and outside the institution, easy institution-wide sharing, phone and email tech support, training and more. 

To create your Flow account:
1.       Click here  and click the “sign up” link.
2.       Fill in your information making sure to use your Trevecca email address (you can’t sign up with,, etc.).  Using your institutional email address will help us know whether you are entitled to an institutional account (with all the benefits mentioned above!) or if you are a free Flow user.

Once you activate your account (you'll receive an email  to your Trevecca email address with a link to complete the registration process), you’ll get access immediately and can get started managing your documents.

Re: Internet browsers

The Favorites bar [IE] or Bookmarks bar [Firefox] need to be viewable to take full advantage of Flow's features.

Re: Getting your existing references into Flow

If you are an EndNote, RefWorks, Zotero, ReadCube, Papers or Mendeley user, you can import existing resources from there into Flow.  Details on how import from other services can be found here

What is Flow? Get started with Flow!

A short ProQuest video about Flow features. (2 min 57 sec)

Need to contact Flow Customer Support?


Call this number if you did not receive an activation email. Be sure you are not using a mobile device when creating your account. Use your laptop or computer for this step.

Do you already have a Flow account? Login here!

Note! The login link is found in the top right hand corner of the page.

You will NOT have to create a new account!

FLOW - Your personal research library!

Flow, is an online research/citation management tool that allows you to collect, store, and manage information into your own personal research library.  You may want to print this page for future reference.

Some features of Flow:

  1. The "Save to Flow" button captures metadata and full text from major databases and websites creating your own database of references and full text. Note: Currently a limited number of databases utilize the 'Save to Flow' feature. ProQuest and JSTOR are the two platforms Waggoner Library subscribes to that will 'Save to Flow'.
  2. Upload PDF format articles saved on your computer into Flow.  Flow will automatically enter as much citation information for those documents into your Flow library as can be detected.
  3. Export references from article databases and Websites.
  4. Use Flow's built-in reader to peruse, highlight, and annotate your documents right in the browser window.
  5. Create draft bibliographies in your choice of citation style that can be edited in Word.
  6. Flow automatically detects your duplicate references and helps clean them up.
  7. Sync your Flow library with your Dropbox account.
  8. Use Flow in Google Scholar!
  9. Still using Mendeley, Zotero, RefWorks or another reference manager? Flow imports existing libraries and full text documents with just a couple of clicks. Details on how import from other services can be found here.

What to do if you see the SSL Certificate error when attempting to access Flow?

You'll know if this is you because a blocking page will appear that will warn you about the problem with the certificate when you click the link to login to Flow. You can click the option, 'Continue to this website (not recommended)' on the certificate error blocking page to go to the website. After you do this, Internet Explorer will remember the certificate while you have your browser open which means you can return to the site without receiving another warning for that certificate until Internet Explorer is restarted. Contact the library if you have questions. [8.7.2014]

Important!  At this time new accounts must be created using a computer or laptop.  Mobile devices such as an iPad or smartphones do not support new account creation at this time.  Once your account is created you will be able to log into Flow and take advantage of its features using your mobile device. There is no app to install, instead you would access Waggoner library through Safari or the internet browser on your mobile device.


MacBook troubleshooting

Q. I can't see my bibliography once I've created it in Flow.

A. Open your Internet browser's settings. Then go to the 'Security settings tab' and be sure that pop-ups are not blocked.